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Meet Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
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Career Statistics - Amazing, ain't they?
Thus spake the little Master...

"Once in a lifetime there comes a sportsman who defies any description. He defies suggested wisdom, past experience, the quality of opposition or the law of averages. There is a vision in his eyes which only he could conjure up. And execute."




Shane Warned!

"Australia,we have a problem" wrote Malcom Knox in an SOS in The Melbourne Age,describing what he called "the first time an Australian attack featuring Warne has been put away with masterly precision".
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Dono Bradman?

It all started with the great Don himself appreciating Sachin's talent in an interview. High praises had been sung before by others but the Don's comments made the fans go into a frenzy. The icing on the cake cake came when Sachin was invited to Adelide to meet Don Bradman on his 90th birthday.
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Operation Desert Storm @ Sharjah

A willow-wielder gifted with such an exciting co-ordination of brain, eye and foot can make the bat do anything. It all unfolded in that blooming cricket desert Sharjah on two days, the first day to take India into the final and on the next, to win the cup, outclassing the Australians.
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The Back Injury

It was an injury that threatened to end an illustrious career. It was an injury that made headlines all over the cricketing world. It was an injury that made celebrities of unknown people. It was an injury that had India on its toes ...
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The Grace & Diana Memorial match

In a match that had the best players of his generation, Sachin Tendulkar came out on tops...
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Sachin as Captain - 1st Innings

It was hailed as a great decision, one which millions of Indians had been eagerly waiting to happen. An year later, it proved to be a disaster.
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