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Sachin says . . .


SAYS #14 : "We need to believe in ourselves "

On the eve of the world cup, Sachin discusses his back and India's chances with Pritish Nandy.

SAYS #13 : "I'm very disappointed"

One of the best Tests to be played on Indian soil and that too against arch rivals Pakistan sees a lone fighting Sachin faltering towards the end. Later, an inconsolable Sachin speaks...

SAYS #12 : "I have aimed at being among the best"

The Kiwi media were bowled over by the humility of the man. They had waited with bated breath to meet him and he came out with flying colours!

SAYS #11 : "It has made my life more charming"

Family eases pressure on India's idol.

SAYS #10 : "A double hundred is in the offing"

Despite all superlatives showered on him, he has failed to get a double hundred in Tests. Although we may expect one soon if what Sachin says at a media session in NZ is to be believed...

SAYS #9 : "I never worry about others' expectations"

A recent survey listed him as India's greatest living star, way ahead of Shah Rukh Khan, Vajpayee and Abdul Kalam. He is modern India's role model. What makes him tick? Pritish Nandy finds out...

SAYS #8 : "I look upwards to God and thank him..."

An interview that surprisingly does not focus on cricket!

SAYS #7 : "I can do much better"

...says Sachin after scoring his 18th ODI hundred thereby passing Desmond Haynes as the leading scorer of ODI centuries.

SAYS #6 : "The world has seen my commitment for 9 years"

Doubts were raised when Sachin failed in the Commonwealth games. But Sachin let his bat do all the talking, giving his critics a reminder that be it Brisbane or Bulawayo, India has always come first for him.

SAYS #5 : "The secret of my success..."

Sachin's patriotism is obvious and is repeatedly reaffirmed on the field. here he reveals the secret of his success...

SAYS #4 : "My targets are confidential"

In the midst of an amazing run, Sachin still wants to learn to curb risky shots to maintain a cool 80% success rate for certain confidential targets he has set for himself.

SAYS #3 : "Nobody should be compared to Bradman"

No other Indian gives the nation such pleasure as Sachin. He takes the top spot on the popularity charts. There is talk that he is the best since Sir Don. But Sachin tells you softly that comparisons with the great Don are not fair.

SAYS #2 : "I have my own style"

In an interview aftre taking India to a memorable victory in the Coca Cola Cup at Sharjah Sachin says that he has his own style and methods to score runs.

SAYS #1 : "I do not wish to grab captaincy"

His love for cricket is unmatched. He never gets tired of talking about cricket and is said to be the man in waiting for the hot seat and is well aware of the task.