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FR #31 : On a Wing and a Player

Rohit Brijnath on Sachin and India's chances in World Cup'99

FR #30 : Bombay Bomber on TIME cover

Sachin Tendulkar becomes the first Indian sportsperson to adore the cover of TIME

FR #29 : Sachin - the Super Natural

Revered by millions in India, a prince among batsmen past and present, Sachin Tendulkar is here to dismantle cricket's best bowling attacks during the coming World Cup says Simon Hughes

FR #28 : Indian cricket without Sachin

Beneath the exterior of the greatest destroyer of bowlers in contemporary cricket resides a soul which would not mind enjoying the good things in life provided he finds time off his business of winning matches for India.

FR #27 : Medallion on Sachin released

A quarter ounce, 24 carat medallion, issued jointly by the Corporation Bank and Societe Generale to commemorate the 1999 World Cup at England, sports the embossed face of Tendulkar on one side and the slogan "Support India 1999" on the other.

FR #26 : Sachin sparks off a riot

A dubious decision against the Indian maestro at Eden Gardens mars a prestigious Test

FR #25 : "Sachin played brilliantly under pressure"

Wasim Akram talks about Sachin...

FR #24 : The Fine Art of Winning

Choking when chasing a small target is becoming a disturbing habit with the Indian team. They will have to learn that they cannot always depend on one man for success says Harsha Bhogle.

FR #23 : Another Greek tragedy

.....after 12 years. Striking similarities between Sunny and Sachin's epic innings against the same rivals in identical situations.

FR #22 : Another facet of Sachin

...comes to the fore as yet another knock goes in vain. At Chepauk Sachin gave full meaning to his greatness and lofty stature. Ten years ago, he took a blow on his nose in biting cold climate in Pakistan. Ten years later, he made the Pakistanis shiver in broad daylight.

FR #21 : Pakistan overcome brilliant Tendulkar

Pakistan defeated India - another classic rivalry - in a thrilling First Test at Chennai. Pakistan was the winner but so was the game of cricket as the Chennai Test ended in a grandstand finish.

FR #20 : Tendulkar in top ten!

Sachin Tendulkar is nominated as one of the top 10 batsmen in the history of the sport by an Australian newspaper at Sydney.

FR #19 : Lord of the Runs

When he goes out to bat, people switch on their television sets and switch off their lives. What makes Sachin Tendulkar the icon of New Age India? How does he prepare, what does he think and what drives him? The story about a winner's mind and how it works.

FR #18 : A phenomenon

When Sachin Tendulkar happened, he gave a jaded cricket writer a second wind, a second innings.

FR #17 : Matchless!

Sachin takes pride in playing for his country, lives for his friends and family

FR #16 : The Indian BraNdman

Sachin's sponsors are a happy lot, and why not !!! Sachin is just a huge brand by himself. He represents lots more than other players. That's why companies are willing to pay the kind of money he is receiving.

FR #15 : Tendulkar, not Lara, is the KING!

Simply that both are very wealthy through their skills on a cricket field but only one of them is still motivated by a desire to score runs says Geoff Boycott

FR #14 : little man....GIANT SHADOW

To play cricket in India today is to live in the shadow of Sachin Tendulkar. At most times it must be exhilarating. In just a few others it must be frustrating, for he seems to control the spotlight and it may only stray if he takes an early bow. If he doesnít, and if he fancies a good time in the middle, the support cast needs to do something ridiculously massive even to be noticed.

FR #13 : The Blue-Chip chap

Sachin Tendulkar can't stop amazing and wowing cricket fans. Every time he goes out to bat you think that the law of averages will catch up with him, but it doesnt...

FR #12 : Gods gift to Indian cricket

THE first time one saw him, on the eve of India's four to Pakistan in 1989, Sachin Tendulkar looked just another youngster with a desire to make a name for himself in the world of cricket.Nine years later, Sachin rules the world of cricket as its premier batsman, who has made achieving distinctions a way of life, really.

FR #11 : Sachin is streets ahead of others

India are not a one man team but they are sure as hell a better side when Sachin Tendulkar bats well! Geoff Boycott explains...

FR #10 : The Butcher from Bandra

Is Sachin Tendulkar the greatest 25-year-old to have played the game? Thatís an easy question to answer. Yes. No other great, Don Bradman and Gary Sobers included,has stepped on the escalator of international cricket at 16, as Sachin did, and gone only one way, up, every year for nine years.

FR #9 : An Intimate Portrait

Indiaís cricketing genius takes a rare holiday in Connecticut and provides a glimpse of his game, his life, his family

FR #8 : Best in the World

Belief in himself, the will to win, the fear and respect of the rivals--he has it all. India's star batsman is sheer genius. What makes him a living legend?

FR #7 : Oh! To find a word for him...

It will soon be half a century since Don Bradman retired from cricket. There have been many pretenders to his crown. But now Sachin Tendulkar has succeeded the "greatest batsman in the game". Tendulkar, like Bradman, has torn all bowling to tatters. And cricket writers have perforce had to fall back on the thesaurus for new words to describe his game.

FR #6 : Birth of a legend

"We always knew that Sachin Tendulkar is a great cricketer, but after the Coca-Cola Cup here, we have seen the birth of a legend. I can't think of anybody who has batted more authoritatively in one day cricket for India, or even in the world except for Viv Richards." says Ravi Shastri

FR #5 : "Sachin was a pleasure to watch"

Sunny is on top of the world after Sachin had powered India into the finals of Sharjah'98

FR #4 : "Sachin comes closest to the Don"

Steve Waugh reatcs to the dizzying heights attaines by Sachin in the Coca Cola cup at Sharjah

FR #3 : Never ending Genius

He is a classic product of Mumbai cricket, but his singularly distinguishing benchmark, 'genius' is all of his own.

FR #2 : Trident Missile

Itís time to sip the champagne. As bowlers around the world dread the thought of facing Sachin after the hammering he gave Warne, they can draw a small lesson from Detroit Piston, Dennis Rodman. Faced with a similar situation against a rampaging Chicago Bull, Michael Jordan, Rodman says they let him have his 40 points but shut the others up. Aniruddha Bahal has more to say....

FR #1 : What Sir Don said...

...about our own Sachin.