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On The Flip Side


Critics Galore


CRTC #4 : "I'm amazed at the amount of coverage Sachin gets"

An Indian fan tries to prove his point after India's match against England in WC'99

CRTC #3 : Bradman? No way!

"Judged by the only legitimate long-term yardstick of statistics, Sachin Tendulkar is not even up to the Sunil Gavaskar standard of India on a comparative scale" says Arvind Lavakere. But Prem Panicker begs to differ...

CRTC #2 : The Kuala Lumpur fiasco

Sachin Tendulkar to be blamed? Sunny sure doesnt think so....

CRTC #1 : "I dont think Tendulkar is all that he is made out to be"

A critics view of Sachin in November'95


Lara or Sachin? The debate continues....


BL #3 : Head to Head

"Itll be Sachin vs Lara in World Cup'99" says Simon Wilde

BL #2 : Whos the fairer of the two? PART 2

Sachin comes out a winner in '98

BL #1 : Whos the fairer of the two? PART 1

Lara wins hands down in '94


In a lighter vein...


IALV #3 : Fake Tendulkar arrested Ferozshah Kotla! Find out more

IALV #2 : Envious Sachin

A rampaging Sachin gives nightmares to several nations! A must see...

IALV #1 : Cartoons

Amul cartoons, caricatures,etc