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Sachin's first innings as captain

CAPT #1 : Sachin chosen captain

Sachin Tendulkar was chosen captain after Azhar's captaincy had come under fire in England.

CAPT #2 : Does the cap fit?

Is Sachin Tendulkar, just 23, suited to the job thrust upon him? His initial failure as captain raise certain questions in the minds of the author.

CAPT #3 : Sachin does it his way

Even though Sachin had not been captain for long, he did send out a clear message to the selectors that he would like to do things in his way!

CAPT #4 : "Ive learnt to keep my cool"

Befre the departue for the Sharjah tourney Sachin talks about his stint as captain and is forthright on several issues.

CAPT #5 : An unceremonious ouster

Was Sachin Tendulkar ousted from his position on his own wish or was it a conspiracy by the selectors who thought of him as an inconvenient incumbent?

CAPT #6 : Had he been captain ...

Would Sachin wreck havoc in the Aussie camp during their tour of 1998 if he still had been captain?

CAPT #7 : Sachin : Player & Skipper

If what the statistics say is true then was Sachin under tremendous pressure during his tenure as captain?

CAPT #8 : Statistics Galore

Complete statistics of Sachin the captain.

CAPT #9 : The Azhar-Sachin story

Cricket is a curious game.Not all great players are great captains...and vice-versa. Everything depends on your approach. Its as simple as that. So whats are the differences in Azhar and Sachin? A detailed analysis.