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Indian Don or Aussie Tendulkar?

DB #1 : Sachin invited to meet Don Bradman

Sachin Tendulkar was provided the unique and rare honour of meeting Sir Don Bradman in Adelide on the occasion of the legendary Australian batsman's 90th birthday celebrations on Aug 27,1998.

DB #2 : Sachin - A special guest

More details on the celebrations in Australia with Sachin Tendulkar is the only foreign player to be invited.

DB #3 : Sachin comes to the party

With negotiations for Sachin going to Australia finally over and with the BCCI granting permission for Sachin the roads get cleared for the little master to meet the Don.

DB #4 : Sachin seeks batting tips

Sachin and Warne were welcomed to Bradman's Adelaide home ahead of a dinner in Bradman's honour which 1,300 attended. Tendulkar and Warne's was a rare visit into Bradman's sanctuary and they stayed about an hour before the man himself walked them to the door.

DB #5 : Sachin becomes an icon

With tributes pouring in from the Australians, Sachin Tendulkar has become another cricketing icon in the land of Don Bradman. Inevitably, comparisons between past and living legends, already having made, have now increased manifold.

DB #6 : What a snap!

So you want one, eh? Thats $12500 ONLY!

DB #7 : Warnie speaks...

"Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour with two great cricketers. One was Sachin Tendulkar, the best batsman in the contemporary game, and the other the greatest batsman of all time, Sir Donald Bradman " says Shane Warne.


Sachin Tendulkar charmed the world's greatest ever batsman Sir Donald Bradman so much that the living legend described the Indian batsman as ``bonzer'', a colloquial term for an excellent and pleasant person.

DB #9 : In the Don's Liar

What do two cricketing greats talk about when they mett? THE inside story...

DB #10 : The Don & the new Master

As Tendulkar returns from Bradman's 90th birthday bash, it is a fitting moment to analyse the comparative skills to cricket's King and his heir-apparent.

DB #11 : The Money Machine

Bradman was limited to accumulating runs. Sachin scores on and off the field.