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Operation Desert Storm at Sharjah

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Bishen Singh Bedi always used to say "I wish Tendulkar could be tested enough. He is born in the wrong era." Well, the first real test came in the form of Warne and this saw the emergence of a new Tendulkar. He is now closer to fulfilling his genius than never before. To Warne goes the credit of bringing thousands and thousands of spectators to the grounds. His conflict with Tendulkar raised cricket to an art form. It pitted two greats against each other at the height of their prowess. Indeed, there is a criticism hidden in this celebrated battle for the way the two nations : India & Australia could not meet each other for nearly five years from 1992-1998. Their series of conflicts could have become a matter of folklore for generations to come. Anyway we must be thankful for what we witnessed in India during 1998. Thanks Sachin and thanks Warne.

This section has articles and pictures of India's great, epic triumph at Sharjah. Hope you enjoy it ...but before that, have a look at these figures.

Against Runs Match Date
New Zealand 40 League 17 April '98
Australia 80 League 19 April '98
New Zealand 38 League 20 April '98
Australia 143 League 22 April '98
Australia 134 Finals 24 April '98

These figures represent a new world record for the most number of runs scored in a single tournament other than the World Cup or the World Series tournaments. Shouldn't make a difference 'coz its the same person who holds the record for the maximum number of runs scored in a World Cup.

Agreed. These are the dreams of every cricketer on this planet. But in modern times there seems to be only one person capable of converting these into reality. Sachin Tendulkar. Here is a genius at work. He demonstrated his breath-taking skills amply at Sharjah in the India-Australia-New Zealand triangular Coca-Cola Cup during April'98.

At the end of the tournament, Sachin broke a spate of records. He walked away with the man-of-the-match award thrice, the man-of-the-series award,player-of-the-tournament award, a special award of 20000 pound sterling from Coca-Cola,etc. etc etc......