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What the Indians say . . .


“There was Sunny. Then there was Kapil. Sachin is beyond both. He’s something else.”
Ajay Jadeja.

"I can't dream of an innings like that. He exists where we can't."
Ajay Jadeja (after India entered the Coca-Cola cup final in Sharjah)

"Its a tough proposition to bomb Sachin out of play. he just stands there and everybody comes running up against him and falls short."
Ajay Jadeja.

"Sachin is absolutely fearless and has no regard for reputation. he will give 200 percent to the team and I can't think of a more committed cricketer than him. He is very innovative and is full of ideas at team meetings. He thinks a lot about the game and expects the rest to measure upto his standards when he plans a ew things."
Ajit Wadekar - former manager of the Indian cricket team.

"Sachin loves challenges, he loves to be defied. If a bowler takes him on in a game he destroys the same bowler in the next game."
Ali Irani, former Indian physiotherapist.

"Sachin clarifies all our doubts gently as an equal and not from a pedestal."
Amit Pagnis, captain of India under 19 team for Worldcup 1997.

“He is stupendous. I don’t want to run out of adjectives describing him,”
Anshuman Gaekwad, Manager - Indian Team

"Sachin's first ball duck in calcutta was stunning.Simply because the team feels strong when he is in the middle or is padded up to bat. There is enormous pressure on him,something none of us can concieve.We always tend to ignore the fact that he has been playing continously for a very long time without a break.Moroever the standards he sets for himself are so high that the expectations of the public,media,officials,even other players inadvertently become far greater. In the chennai test he told me on the last day he would get runs and see the team through.When we lost his eyes were brimming with tears.People ask me all the time what sort of a man sachin is.Here's one answer:I'm sure he wouldn't have gone to accept the man of the match award even if he was well and fit(he was suffering from cramps in the dressing room).This is a man of extraordinary pride. I think unfortunaltely what is happening is that we tend to forget he's a human being.I think he has done admirably well for the team recently despite his injuries.I'm just hoping these injuries don't become worse." Anshuman Gaekwad, in his column in India Today

"I would pick Sachin to lead in the World Cup, he has always been my choice. I have the highest regard for Azhar, he is the most successful captain India has ever had. But Sachin will provide that extra aggressiveness to the side, in the real sense. Azhar lacks in aggression, which is something the side needs for a competition like that. Also, Azhar is not a pro-active captain, he believes he doesn't have to do much in the field because everybody knows what he is supposed to do, but a captain has to be more involved in the proceedings out there. I favour Sachin -- but then, time is short, and I am not sure anyone wants to change captains at this late date."
Arun Lal in 1998

"He lives cricket. his mind is like a computer, storing voluminous data, from rivals to the behaviourial pattern of pitches all over te world. He's a blue chip. With the kind of form he is currently enjoying I would pity the guy who has to bowl to him. He is unstoppable. The best way to get him out is to pray to god. He has an extremely sharp mind and eye. Even during practice when the bowler is at the top of his runup mark he closely observes the grip of the ball, which side the shine is and other details. Usually most batsman watch the ball only at the point of delivery, but Sachin has already made his observations by this time. This gives his brain so many cues as regarding stroke selection. This is crucial at the international level because decisions have to be made in a fraction of a second. That is why, I think, he has the ability to put way even good deliveries, which most batsmen either defend or leave. This puts Sachin on a different class ".
Balwinder Sandhu

"I switch of the television when he walks back to the pavilion."
Bhaichung Bhutia, India’s ace footballer

"Greatest living Indian today. Wait till he crosses the 200 run mark in Tests. His best is yet to come. He is God's rare craetion. He ahs everything you could dream of. Patience, technique, dominance, timing. The greatest quality of Sachin is that he has not allowed loss of captaincy to affect his batting. He ahs remained a great team man and his humble behaviour is admirable.".
Bishen Singh Bedi.

"Sachin Tendulkar is the best man to lead India.With him at the helm,minus azhar,things will definately change.I am convinced that if someone can give direction to the team,it's Tendulkar. Tendulkar needed the setback he's suffered against pakistan recently.I scolded him for playing that shot at Chennai.Even Sir Don Bradman used to get out,but after completing the job. Tendulkar is probably the only guy in the team who is willing to learn.Rahul Dravid is also intelligent,but the problem with him is he is weighed down by a thought at the back of his mind,ki yeh mujhe drop karr de to kya hoga?(if they drop me then what will happen?). The 83 team comprised reasonably like-minded people-KapilJjimmy,Sandeep Patil,,Madan Lal,Yashpal Sharma etc.-in many ways.They were willing to sweat it out till their last drop of blood.Is team men Sachin ke sivaye mujhe koi dikhaayi nahin padta (in the present team there is noboddy like that,barring sachin tendulkar)."
Bishen Singh Bedi, on the Indian team's captaincy and World Cup chances.

"I don't know what lies ahead for the bowlers if Sachin bats like this. They have my sympathy. I have not seen this kind of batting in my career.".
Dilip Vengsarkar.

"Theres no better sight on the cricket field than watch Tendulkar bat".
Harsha Bhogle.

"To play cricket in India today is to live in the shadow of Sachin Tendulkar. At most times it must be exhilarating. In just a few others it must be frustrating, for he seems to control the spotlight and it may only stray if he takes an early bow. If he doesn’t, and if he fancies a good time in the middle, the support cast needs to do something ridiculously massive even to be noticed. "
Harsha Bhogle - after Kumble's 200 ODI wicket mark went unnoticed due to Sachin's 18th ODI hundred.

"I remember talking to you about this, and how Tendulkar at number four is a huge comfort layer for the entire team. The thing that is noticeable is that Sachin is looking a little uneasy, and you can't see the performer in him. For someone who is used to putting on his pads and getting out there to face the first ball, it is an uneasy feeling to sit in the pavilion and watch the overs tick by, it tends to make one restless. It is a different thing in a Test match, where you know that even if your openers have gone out and put together a good total, you can still go out and bat out an entire day if you want, but it's not the same in a one-day match. If 30 overs are gone in a one-day game, and also taking into account the fact that Sachin likes to get a sighter for about two overs before he gets into the thick of things, in spite of the fact that a batsman as good as him should be able to adjust to any situation, but I have always noticed that a performer, as such, always wants to be in the thick of things, as quickly as possible. If you take the spotlight away from a performer he tends to get itchy and irritable, and he doesn't look very happy with life. If Sachin has revelled in the spotlight, he should stay in the spotlight. Tendulkar simply doesn't look totally at ease waiting for his turn to bat."
Harsha Bhogle in WC99

"I havenot seen another batsman like Sachin in my entire career. I have bowled to many batsmen. Viv was most outstanding and could demolish any bowler with his brutal strokeplay. If anyone can be better than Viv, it is Sachin. Sachin can demolish any bowler. He may not be an arrogant man but his cricketing abilities border on arrogance. Any batsman can hit a bad ball but only Sachin can hit a good ball.".
Kapil Dev.

"Batting has been Gods gift to him.Candidly,Sir Donald Bradman,a boy from Bowrel,had not been as gifted as India's little young man."
K R Wadhwaney.

"As many commentators have said that there are no words to describe his phenomenal ability as a top cricketer. He makes bowling look a silly occupation. The feature of his batting, I think, is his keenness to dominate bowlers, since he dominates he scores fast because one cannot dominate a bowler just by defending or blocking a ball. And cricket is all about scoring fast if you want u’re team to be in a good position. Sachin’s performance and actions on the field are focussed towards being in a good position and winning. That is what makes him a winner."
Lalchand Rajput.

"Even as a teenager he always seemed very focused and alert on the field. He learnt his lessons fast."
Lalchand Rajput, former Mumbai captain.

“The more I see of him, the more confused I’m getting as to which is his best knock.”
M.L. Jaisimha.

"Sachin is totally committed to the game and the country. You can't find a better team man than him. He is national property and deserves to be handled with care. Only one in a million can be a tendulkar. He has god-gifted talent and needs no coaching. Others have to work hard."
Madan Lal - former coach of the Indian cricket team.

"A rare bird, indeed. THE more I see him, the more I want to see him. You don't get such players often. We are lucky to have Sachin Tendulkar, a kind of player you get to see once in a lifetime. I have often wondered what it must be to be like him. He is the most important factor in Indian cricket. I have no hesitation or inhibition in stating this because it is the truth. The team's overall strength changes with this man's success. His mere presence is enough to inspire the others to give hundred per cent because he is never short of making some contribution or other. "
Mohd. Azharuddin

"When Tendulkar plays well,we really do not stand a chance to lose. Sky is the limit for this man."
Mohd Azharuddin

"I was hopeful as long as Tendulkar was in the middle. It was quite an extraordinary batting display by Tendulkar and his innings deserved a greater honour. He should have been on the winning side for his gallant performance. He fought pain and handled the pressure exceptionally well, but sadly we couldn't win the Test."
Mohd Azharuddin after the Chennai Test against Pakistan

"A complete batsman- he's the best in the bussiness."
Mohinder Amarnath.

 "His mind is like a computer. He stores data on bowlers and knows where they are going to pitch the ball."
Navjot Sidhu, Indian opening batsman.

"There are times when you begin to think the guy ain't human, and this was one of those times. There are times, too, when you begin to wonder what India will do without Sachin Tendulkar -- but that perhaps will wait for another day. "
Prem Panicker - after the match against Australia in Dhaka, 1998 where Sachin scored 141 and bagged 4-38

"You have to be in awe," he says. "Indecision, whether to go forward or play back, is everyone's problem. He is never in doubt."
Rahul Dravid

"Playing in the same team as Sachin is a huge honour. His balance of mind, shrewd judgement, modesty and, above all, his technical brilliance make him my all-time hero."
Rahul Dravid.

"I like talking to people and learning from them. I talk a lot with Sachin. He is a great batsman and talking to him you get a fair idea about your game. He is quite clearly the best. He is going to go down as the best of this era and of many more. He may ultimately have the same impact on the game as Bradman. Both he and Azhar have always been helpful to me. But playing with him you have always to be careful not to attempt some of the stuff that he does. All you will end up doing is make a fool of yourself. What I have always consciously done is tried to maximise my potential in the areas that I think I have a better chance of succeeding. I cannot bat like Sachin and I shouldn’t be trying to.".
Rahul Dravid

"Yes, we do depend a lot on Sachin. I have no shame in admitting that. He is the best player in the world, and we are proud to have him on our side and he is proud to be on our side."
Rahul Dravid

 "I was very impressed the first time I saw him bat as a little boy at the Cricket Club of India."
Raj Singh, President - BCCI

"We are proud to possess him due to his commitment to Mumbai and Indian cricket."
Prof. R. Shetty, Secretary MCA.

"I have never seen any batsman in the world focussed so deeply as sachin was and it was a total surrender by the aussies and not just a compliment when they said he is the best batsman in the world after sir don bradman."
Rajsingh Dungarpur after Sachin’s performance in Sharjah in April '98.

"We always knew that Sachin Tendulkar is a great cricketer, but after the Coca-Cola Cup here, we have seen the birth of a legend. I can't think of anybody who has batted more authoritatively in one day cricket for India, or even in the world except for Viv Richards."
Ravi Shastri.

"I will be accused of sycophancy, or flattery at the very least, if I praise this young genius anymore. But can this be helped. For the present, there is a fine victory to savor. And the handiwork of a genius called Sachin Tendulkar."
Ravi Shastri - after Ind Vs Aus, Dhaka, 1998

"Sachin is a gem of a person.He has a very positive attitude.Everybody in the team wants to win but I guess Sachin wants to win more then anybody else".
Robin Singh

"I tell you everytime I see him I think god created him for the game of cricket."
Sanjay Manjrekar

"Sachin Tendulkar can't stop amazing and wowing cricket fans. Every time he goes out to bat you think that the law of averages will catch up with him, but it doesnt. He always has something special lined up for his opponents, particularly if the tournament is big and prestigious. he seems unstoppable as runs flow in torrents. Be it top pace, bounce or spin, he has an answer for everything hurled at him. Even jet-lag after a tiring journey or mild afflications like cold and fever cant prevent him from his favourite pastime - despatching balls to the boundary."
Sudeep Sonawane

"We have been more than chums from the time we were eleven year old. We know each other so well, that we can predict each other’s next move on the field. I can tell you what Sachin is thinking. I do not believe anybody knows him better than I do, maybe Anjali, his wife, does now. And Sachin is the only man I trust. If I were a child again and I was asked to bring a parents or guardians signature I would take Sachin’s."
Vinod Kambli on Tendulkar

"It's sad  one billion people in India have to rely on one man."
Vinoo Mammen of MRF.

“I always felt C.K. Nayudu was the best. I now think Sachin has the honour of being the most outstanding batsman of all time.”
Vasant Raiji (Cricket historian )

"There is no way to tell it. The art of fiction is dead. Reality has strangled invention. Only the utterly impossible, the inexpressibly fantastic can ever be plausible again."
INDIA TODAY describing Sachin's 155* at Chennai,1998 vs Australia

"Sachin's gone nuclear !!!"
THE OUTLOOK in 1998,

"Every bowler knows it. It's not a question of if, it's when the violence will begin. Zimbabwe's Henry Olonga found out two months ago. As usual, the hard way. In the first match he dismissed Tendulkar with a rising delivery. In the next he didn't know where to pitch -- Tendulkar's bat was everywhere. Olonga was taken off double-quick. No big deal. In Sharjah, Delhi, Dhaka, Harare, London, Colombo (and a few others we missed) Tendulkar has been doing just that. Getting bowlers taken off, shortening their careers. As that subtle Aussie Michael Kasprowicz put it in Sharjah, "I'm sick of that $#%&*." We understand. After all, Tendulkar scored four centuries in four consecutive one-day finals. He scored two centuries in three Tests against Australia. He took 5-32, his best one-day spell. What else can he do? At the Mumbai nets this year, manager Ashok Mankad asked, "Do you bowl left arm?" Replied Tendulkar with a straight face, "Yes, I can do that also." In 1998 the man was bigger than the myth."

"Cricket needs cleaning up. One man though erases all despair. Every time Tendulkar bats, you need to pick up a synonym finder - but even that has limited alternatives for GENIUS. First night he scored 141, took four wickets, hit the wickets with a 50m throw. At the end, he should have just raised his arm like superman and flown home. No one would have blinked. later he explained his innings saying ...... "This is a knockout, so every match is a final" ..... Jesus, genius on tap; the guy wants a century, so he just goes out and gets one! Ranatunga had said..... "It takes normal batsmen time to settle down in tournaments. So maybe, here you will see the difference between great, good and okay batsmen" ......... We did"
INDIA TODAY - Nov 9, 1998 on Sachin in the mini-world cup at Dhaka.

"Maa bolti hai ki, bete bhaag ja , Tendulkar batting ko aaya hai".
An advertising agency in New delhi who coined this slogan  - on the lines of the famous 'Gabbar Singh' dialogue from SHOLAY - for the Australian bowlers.