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Off The Field

QUOT #1 : What the Indian's say

Statements made by the Indians on Sachin...

QUOT #2 : What the others' say

Statements made by the others' on Sachin...youll find thousands of them here grouped by country.

OTF #1 : Sachin kayos Sunny, Lara

A survey in 1998 predicts that Sachin is all set to overtake Sunny and Lara by the time he finishes his illustrious career.

OTF #2 : Accident Zone!

Sachin is involved in a minor accident before World Cup'99...

OTF #3 : Under Pressure!

Sachin was to inaugurate a website but the organisers say theywere under pressure....why? Go on, read this one...

OTF #4 : When Shah Rukh met Sachin

Includes this and many more snippets during the World Cup.

OTF #5 : Making money faster than runs.

Sachin tendulkar is a combination of Britain's top soccer stars without their weaknesses and the cuntry;s Prime Minister tony Blair with humility according to the prestigious LONDON TIMES.