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Sachin wants a hundred


Sachin Tendulkar has never made a century at Lord's and with the world class batting line-up in his Rest of World XI, he may be forced to wait a little longer yet.

"We have played so many matches and it is hard to remember which is the best batting line-up I have been part of," said captain Tendulkar, who is the sole Indian representative in the side playing opposite his colleagues Anil Kumble and Mohammad Azharuddin.

"But I have to say that this has to be one of the best. We have played enough cricket against each other to know quite a lot about everyone's strengths and weaknesses and I am looking forward to playing with them. It would be nice to get a century here but the most important thing is to entertain the crowd.

"I was thrilled to be asked to captain the World XI. It's a nice well-balanced side and we will be trying our best to win," he said.

"It is not exactly an international game, it's more of an occasion. We have to play seriously but it is not the same tension as one-day internationals. It is more important to let the people enjoy the game and make it a successful event.

"We will be competitive though probably not as much, but we will not be taking it so lightly that people don't enjoy it. They should enjoy the contest between the bowlers and the batters."

After the Diana Memorial Match on Saturday, Tendulkar is looking forward to a holiday in the States followed by a two-month break before he plays his next cricket, which is a match against Pakistan in Toronto.

The invitation to appear at Lord's in the match came as a great honour, Tendulkar said.

"It was shocking when she died. I never met her but I surely wanted to meet a great personality like her because she did so much charity and raised so much money for poor people. She was amazing."