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Tendulkar is in 10 greatest batsmen list


Sachin TendulkarSachin Tendulkar has been nominated as one of the top 10 batsmen in the history of the sport by an Australian newspaper at Sydney. Tendulkar figures a spot below Sunil Gavaskar who is ranked in a list of the 10 greatest batsmen compiled by New South Wales selector Neil Marks for the Sun Herald.

The list goes as follows :

No. Name Country
1 Sir Don Bradman Australia
2 Sir Garfield Sobers West Indies
3 Victor Trumper Australia
4 Len Hutton England
5 Viv Richards West Indies
6 Greg Chappel Australia
7 Neil Harvey Australia
8 Everton Weekes West Indies
9 Sunil Gavaskar India
10 Sachin Tendulkar India

"At the end of the 1990s, when the game is more universal than it's ever been, he is the world's most feared batsmen", the paper said of Tendulkar.

The paper listed timing, eye and ability to hit the good ball for four as Tendulkar's strengths. Batsmen were selected for their stroke-making ability, influence on their cricketing generation, length of career and popularity.